Diamond Carter is a beautiful, ambitious and a strong-minded woman. She doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion. She’s not average. She makes her money by doing things other people would frown upon. Being that she never had her family’s support in anything she does, she’s suffering from things that she doesn’t care to talk about. Men were out of the question, because in the past she’s only gotten hurt, time after time again. So, to her, men were just a waste of time. Everything is fine until she meets Koda Mitchell.
Koda is unlike any man she’s ever met before. He’s sweet, kind and charming. She can’t deny the chemistry between them. He’s about his money, too, so that’s a plus in Diamond’s eyes. Koda doesn’t agree with her lifestyle, but he doesn’t let it bother him. That is until Diamond’s lifestyle starts to interfere with his life. Join Diamond and Koda on their rollercoaster of drama, and their definition of a perfect love story!