This is the very best analysis of The Girls by Emma Cline:

1) Other study guides are really long, like 70 or 80 or more pages that are filled with every burp and fart of every character and details of what they ate in each meal. If you're going to buy something that long why not just read the book instead? This study guide is much more concise and to the point.

2) While other study guides summarize every inane passage of dialog like trained parrots, I am focused on the important things, like characters and themes and literary criticism!

3) My analysis is the only one with a great cover photo. If I'm smart enough to do that, I'm smart enough to write the best analysis!

4) This analysis also has a great sense of humor! It is like the sugar coating on an awful tasting pill.

5) My analysis is the absolute cheapest of all the ones online. For that reason alone you should buy this one!!!

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  • Release Date: 2018-03-27