Make the most of completely revamped administration tools in WebSphere Version 5

IBM WebSphere Version 5 offers a completely rewritten, radically improved infrastructure for administering servers and applications. Now, its creators have written the definitive WebSphere Version 5 administration reference and tutorial: everything you need to manage WebSphere to the highest levels of performance and efficiency.

The authors systematically cover all four WebSphere administration toolsets: command-line utilities, the new Administrative Console, scripting tools, and Java management APIs. You’ll find a complete library of code examples, plus powerful new insider’s tips for maximizing your productivity as a WebSphere administrator.

Whether you’re managing WebSphere Version 5 or incorporating administrative support into new WebSphere applications, this book provides you with the techniques, examples, and tips you need to do it right.

  • Fundamentals of WebSphere administration: servers, nodes, node agents, cells, clusters, and the deployment manager
  • Revamped package structure of WebSphere Version 5 and its implications
  • Process internals, distributed administration features, administrative security, and XML configuration file structure
  • Command-line tools: a complete reference with practical examples
  • Web-based graphical management with the new Administrative Console
  • Scripting the management features of WebSphere Version 5 with wsadmin
  • Writing custom management programs
  • Extending the native WebSphere administrative system with new managed options
  • Using Java administrative APIs to manage WebSphere applications from other products
  • Sum Includes extensive code examples, real-world scenarios, and best practices